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We are honored to appear in Eyes Up, Darling's post on diversity!


Bibimbap Skincare is an innovative skincare line combining the best of Korean technology and science.  Created by a competitive equestrian to turn back time.  Bibimbap Skincare's product line contains a facial cleanser, an anti-aging serum with Swiss Apple stem cells, a whipped moisturizer, a cortisone-free healing salve, and a lip treatment.  Bibimbap Skincare products are all cruelty-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free.  They are made of organic ingredients produced through sustainable and ethical manufacturing.  Most Bibimbap products are also vegan friendly, and all are formulated for even the most sensitive skin or acne-prone skin. 

We are honored to appear in Eyes Up, Darling's post on diversity!

Lynn Mueller

Eyes Up, Darling is a blog curated by Kaitlin Wilson. Kaitlyn has recently published a post opening up a conversation regarding diversity (or the absence of it) in the equestrian community, sparked by an equestrian catalog recently published that included only Caucasian models. We are honored to appear in this post as a promoter of diversity. At Bibimbap Skincare, we encourage empowerment, selfcare, and goal-setting - for all people of all races.

To read the post, click here.